8 Reasons Why Season 8 Will Rock

1. We get a new doctor, always exciting and has a mystery to him, the writing at first will try to win over

Matt fans as the first episodes in the reboot have done such as when David Tennant quoted the Lion King after Eccleston left or Matt Smith eating fish fingers and custard with little Amy Pond.
2. Peter Capaldi is a classic who fan, the reboot has a lot of elements that cause it complications at times, and with his love of classic who, we are sure to get those old references effortlessly.
3. Moffat has said that they are going to be incorporating possibly both appearances Capaldi has had in Doctor Who. This means, possible questions like – Did Capaldi want to see Donna again? ( which Tumblr is already asking) Did Capaldi tell Donna anything that made her so adamant that 10 should go back? Also, is there more to the Children of Earth story from Torchwood?
4. The Doctor has a new purpose: to find Gallifrey. It gives him a grand scheme of things mission, let’s be honest, the writers needed bigger story lines because the story lines kept getting more disjointed and the doctor had complicated story lines for his companions to make up for lack of his own story.
5. Darker doctor, darker season, taken seriously because Capaldi can pull it off, you should know if you’ve seen his other work. Moffat has said he wants more balance in tone so Matt’s doctor was super quirky and light but did some things that were dark. So perhaps Peter will be a dark on the outside but has his moments of compassion and love like 9.
6. Predictions about Capaldi.
The “piss and vinegar” of the first doctor.
The confusion of the second doctor at times.
The dress of three.
The reminder that he is an alien that four gave as well.
I don’t know much about the fifth and sixth doctor but I would say the fight 6 gave to stand up for Who.
The cunning and soft spots of 7.
There really isn’t enough of 8 or the war doctor, but the no nonsense the war doctor gives.
The edginess of 9.
Hoping for a no guns like 10, but be ok if he was like 7 and let his companions blow shit up so he didn’t have to say he did it.
Some of the quirk of eleven, after all he doesn’t like the color of his kidneys.
7. As sad as it is that Jenna’s leaving, this doctor’ stone doesn’t really suit her but she could be back to save the doctor again someday. Also it makes room for you and me to be his companions yeah?
8. Capaldi, he is a massive fanboy, that is sure to make him throw in some ideas about things because he has been analyzing this show for longer than most of us have, so give him a chance to be YOUR doctor. I think I like him already.


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