8th month, 8th Doctor, on the 18th

It’s Monday, and that means back to school for many of you in the Who fandom.

Let’s talk about Paul McGann, a man who doesn’t age and in fact looks better.  

Seriously, hold up a picture of him as the doctor in 1996 and then now, seriously, how does he look younger?

As you should know, he was only the doctor for a short while, in the prequel to the recent Doctor Who 50th Anniversary short, and his role in the 1996 movie right before the show ended for almost 10 years before the reboot. 

If you are like me, you live in America, across the pond, where access to Doctor Who is minimal, our parents unwilling to pay for all the expensive merchandise in most cases, so McGann’s movie is almost non existent to us. For real fans, we know what happened in the movie, only by reasoning, such as the master comes and then dies, the 7th doctor regenerates, the 8th doctor kisses his companion and so on…the actual plot is a bit lost on most of us because we just simply can’t find the movie without pop ups infesting our computers or buy it because most of us that are super into it, are high school and college age. Our parents don’t want to buy every Doctor Who item. 

But look no further, I have found the Doctor Who movie from 1996, graciously posted on YouTube. 

If anyone is great at making gifs, message me, I want gifs of McGann kissing, because WOW!


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