The Tardis Smelled

Sylvester McCoy took some time at Comicpalooza this year to do a Q&A Panel.

Sylvester McCoy, for those of you who do not know, played the 7th doctor.

When asked about lack of money for the show he went off on a slight tangent and talked about how bad the tardis smelled, saying, of course me and Ace ran out of there as fast as we could, it smelled! We didn’t care what planet we were on, just out of there.

Which makes one of my favorite lines kind of funny, when Ace asks to go home and the doctor looks concerned, she says, “the tardis”. Yep, your smelly home.

McCoy also remarked that he does not gravitate towards new-who vs classic who fans because he thinks that it is fantastic that the 2005 fans are coming back to watch the classic doctors, and finding that they really like it. He mimicked classic fans vs new fans showing hysteria for the new fans. Sounds accurate to me. What can I say? We are passionate. I am a very passionate person who gave up trying to hide my geek a long time ago and why bother hiding excitement? Just go with how your feelings are telling you how to react. It usually turns out better than you expect, for those of you who are scared you’ll embarrass yourself in front of a celebrity or maybe a bit scared to admit to your friends how much of a massive Whovian you are, just summon your inner companion.

But if you have about an hour, check out the Q&A below.


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