Review of 8th Season Opener

I watched the 8th season, and I held my breath. I took a deep breath. I knew I paid to go see it in theaters, so I wanted to like it, but I wanted to be fair. I want to like Capaldi but I cannot deny that my opinion of Moffat’s writing has caused a strife with my relation to the show. 

Cinematography- Beautiful, it had moments where Capaldi’s acting seemed out of place with the setting though, I might blame bad graphics or something because it just seemed like Capaldi was more true and real than the setting. Like some of the low angles when we were looking at the actor’s, although it made sense why they were using that point of cinematography standpoint to make something look larger than life, but they did too good of a job, it almost seemed disorienting. It made Capaldi’s doctor seem more confused than just being disoriented but like he had no idea who he was, then why was he so confident?

Titles- The titles are awesome, a simple concept-time, then why do I feel like I could have created it? Because I wish I did, it’s the talk of the town, it also shows that Moffat actually listens to the fans, but how much? I think he may just pay attention to YouTube because otherwise, he would fix some plot holes and things the fans are livid about…….but maybe he has, after all, he has given us the gift of Capaldi, the Who loving, classic who concepts being reintroduced to the new reboot. 

Writing-It wasn’t bad, lately Moffat has been getting better at writing but  no one has seemed to notice because they are so busy enjoying being angry at him, which is ruining the show I feel. It ruins the tone for other people. Season 7 was a disaster and season 6 had it’s problems but once the last episode of season 7 aired as well as the 50th anniversary special, although it was not perfect, fixed a lot that was kind of going awry, Moffat kind of roped it in, so that things can issue a new era of Doctor Who, appropriate for a new doctor with a new persona. I did not really like how Clara is behaving toward the doctor, not just because she is being prejudice but because Moffat created a character that was supposed to know all the doctors, she knows he regenerates, she should know better than anyone the love that you can have for them all, they are all the doctor, so  you love them all. However I just wanted to hit her because instead of behaving like a character like her should with such a story arc, she reacts like an angry fangirl, when she could have easily at the beginning shown her sadness but reminded the audience of her unique position, but still be sad to see “her” doctor go, saying something like “I saved them all, but this time, I knew him, and he talked to me, ” or something like that. Cheesy moments as always, I heard Moffat was surprised that people laughed when people laughed when Clara got off the phone at the end. To be honest though, it is kind of funny, she is telling the doctor that it was the doctor, and he’s like “uh yeah, I made the phone call.” Like it’s ridiculous telling the person right next to you that you texted them right then, uh yeah, hopefully they know that. 

Capaldi’s acting-Phenomenal. He was given a script, and one thing I have learned from actors in the UK is they take their craft seriously and they truly respect the writers. They are the actors, not the writers, and they bring what they can to a script but ultimately unlike what people think, these actors do not write how they are, they are a character that is fictional. He may create the outfit and some aspects because he is the main character, he does not write who he is either. The author still is the author, the rules of literature still apply. At least, as far as we are aware of this season. 

Acting- Everyone did a good job, there is almost no argument that the acting was up to par. 

Directing- I have no complaints about the directing unless of course he isn’t talking to Moffat enough about direction and writing, if he is not working on fixing some of the story or messing with Moffat so that his writing is not working in the direction that works, it’s difficult to explain but if things are not in harmony or people are not working on always make things better, then there is a problem. 


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