8th Doctor Exercise Routine

Have you ever thought that you want to be the doctors companion? Of course you have, if you want to keep up with a time lord, you got to physically keep up with a time lord.


8th Doctor Workout

start off with a slow walk

100 crunches

20 reach toward the sky crunches

Run as high a speed you are comfortable with for 2 minutes

Walk-5 minutes (seriously, you run as fast as you can for two minutes, you wander around London or wherever for 5 minutes explaining to your companion things)

Spin around 10x, you just got your first kiss.

Punch the air 10x (space is going wibbley wobbley)

Run top speed 1 min

uppercuts for a minute

Dance for a few minutes, you saved the world in time for new years, everyone else is partying.



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