Capaldi’s Outfit as seen in 2009

    When Peter Capaldi was announced to be the doctor on August 4th, 2013, I watched and then immediately made a nose dive for the computer on my bed. One of my first thoughts was, he’s Scottish and for some reason I feel like he’s been on Craig Ferguson’s show. So I had the crazy fast gifs up on tumblr that were super instant, like sorcery good instant gifs. The other tab I had up was YouTube and I about had a heart attack because
Craig Ferguson (the celebrity that makes my fangirl heart go wild) was in a BAND with the next doctor? The two shows and loves in my world were colliding. YES!


     Craig Ferguson has faced his share of demons, drugs, alcohol, addiction in general and Capaldi was struggling with some of the same things, but the guys never really talked about it too much. 

     After the quite spectacular introduction that Craig Ferguson delivers with impish delight, Peter walks onto the stage. Before he sits down, he flashes his coat out, to reveal a coat that resembles his doctor’s coat in 2009, about four years before he was the doctor. 


So that is why Peter Capaldi will be “my” doctor. Chris was my first, David was the one where I fell in love with the show, Sylvester was the first one I watched of classic who, Jon made me fall in love with classic who, but when it comes down to it, I’ve never followed a journey of a whole doctor, I started watching in 2009 (coincidentally when I watched the interview with Capaldi and noticed Craig’s love for Doctor Who, making my interest grow in the show). When Matt became the doctor, I became disenchanted with the show, the day I decided that Matt was not such a bad guy and I had spent long enough away from my once favorite show, that was the day Matt announced he was quitting the show. 

I became excited though with the hysteria of who was the next doctor.

I love how I went into this announcement of the next doctor with an open mind, just so excited to follow someone through their whole journey as the doctor, and it was so amazing that I actually knew who he was and it was actually quite perfect, my fangirl feelings hitting max because that’s what happens when you combine two worlds that are amazing. 



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