Personality of the Year

Capaldi is in everything this year. Perhaps that is why he won TV personality of the year from GQ. Capaldi has been fortunate to play those angry badass parts recently. He has played Malcolm Tucker the foul mouthed politician. Leading many fans of Doctor Who to want the doxtor’s catchphrase to be “fuckity bye” like a line in The Thick of It. Although it still is considered a children’s show, it still would have been funny since the show has a large adult following.
Capaldi also took on that timeless role as the world’s favorite time lord, the doctor. Although he had only been on two aired episodes at this point, his tremendous acting prowess and different angle as the doctor has finally done what regeneration is supposed to do, completely redo a personality, to change appearance and persona into a very unique character. The new wave of attractive loving doctor regenerations has meant the show has not had a unique version of the doctor since Sylvester McCoy. Do not get me wrong, the doctor has changed but the 8 and the reboot issued in new expectations if the doctor, the attractive type, but the show is trying to shake off that image and say “look, the doctor is unique and we aren’t trying to have a string of actors that don’t advance the doctor as a character very much. Peter had already brought the ” I have no idea who I am, I think I may hate myself” vibe to his character, because the first doctor may very well look at his recent escapades in horror.
Enough about Doctor Who for once, look at Capaldi in The Musketeers! Cardinal Richeliu will never be able to be played by anyone else in my mind. When the queen heard the cardinal’s confession and came out from the shadows, his actin was so priceless, it is a noment burned in my memory.
So congratulations Peter! You have gotten the role you have been dreaming of your whole life and playing it well, you turn decent scripts and bring them to a whole new level. You have mastered the angry witty humor and facial expressions. That is a hard thing to master.
According to fans and friends I know who have met you, Peter, if you happen to read this, your offscreen personality is one of a lovable accommodating teddy bear, you are super sweet to fans and I imagine to your family as well. Which is what makes you a good actor, you can play those angry complex parts but be loving to fans and just be a fan yourself.

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