Doctor Who Cold Open

It’s no secret to American viewers of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson that Ferguson is a fan of Doctor Who. So as an audience viewer, I shared his delight when he met the doctor. This show must be the place to go if you want to be popular in America and you are foreign. Craig Ferguson was born in Scotland and became an American citizen after having his show for a few years. Now actor James Corden will be filling Ferguson’s place after he leaves the late night show. This is perfect for Ferguson’s audience as well as Doctor Who fans, because the love of Doctor Who will carry over to the show because Corden was a favorite storyline on Doctor Who, so popular his character was reprised.

Corden may be a known name in the UK but his name is about to get a lot bigger in America. Long before this legacy of Who-dom was in place, Craig Ferguson went unprofessionally fangasm crazy over the doctor being on his show. Which we enjoyed seeing him actually get excited and work to put together something that was far beyond his normal (but still hilarious) monologue.

However, we were told that his masterpiece would not air. Why? Copyright problems. He spoke a monologue on how he had asked over and over again if the copyright was all set in place, they assured him it was, so after he performed, he was told that it would not be able to air because of copyright. Then a day later….WAIT!!! They got the copyright. Too late right? WRONG.

Craig wisely advised that people would want to see this fantastic setup, and to release it on YouTube. Ferguson was right, the video has quite a lot of hits for something that fans were never told existed. They just discovered it and shared it over and over.

It has 48,000 views on one video but there are people who re-uploaded it that have almost as many views.

   However the show must go on and Craig interviewed the guest he always wanted to and he did it with boyish glee.(Note that Ferguson interviewed Capaldi in 2009, his boyhood friend, but this was way before Capaldi was the doctor) So much so that Chris Hardwick came in with a horse to invade the interview, the creator of the Nerdist, did not want to miss an opportunity to go to Nerdvana and talk to the doctor as well. Hardwick quipped he was afraid Ferguson would not get to him and talk to Smith all show. 

Hardwick later commented that if his girlfriend wanted to have sex with the doctor he would not stand in her way, because who wouldn’t?



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