The Indyref and the BBC

As you may have heard, Scotland votes on its independence this Thursday. The crucial question to this blog is….What about the BBC? What will this do to Capaldi?

The BBC is a part of the UK, for those that do not know, television in the UK is a bit different. You have to pay for a license to own a┬áTV (that’s what it says in my study abroad packet) and that you have to register for the “telly” , and pay taxes on your television programming. In America, it’s a business and there is not too much government intervention, and certainly not any taxes besides what you spend on electricity for the TV.

Does this do anything to BBC? Will Scotland still get BBC? If I lived in Scotland, that would be the MAIN argument for a no vote as far as I am concerned (and yes I realize there are issues like money and things that are really compelling but personally, I’m from America and we kind of pride ourselves on freeing ourselves from the British-even though other countries had a stake in us too)

Will this affect filming locations? Will this hurt the new doctor? Peter Capaldi is Scottish, even keeping his Scottish accent. Will it cause bitterness among people in Britain if Scotland does separate? Capaldi is up against harsher stuff than just normal TV ratings and the already nerve wracking process of winning over new fans, the economic and political times itself seem to be pitting themselves against Capaldi in the even of a Yes vote.

In fact, Capaldi and the staff seem to be aware of this fact with a joke that is funny without the political undertones that Capaldi cracked on his first episode as the Doctor.

He said, “”They’re independently cross — they probably want to cede from the rest of my face and set up their own independent state of eyebrows.”

The BBC has been declared by protesters as being “bias” to a No vote. Of course this would logically make sense, especially if there is no agreement about what happens to BBC Scotland in the event of a No vote. Are their jobs secure? Those working for a company based in Britain has its bias but when the Scotland branch is not secure, they are losing their viewers as well as potential jobs if Scotland does not continue to receive BBC, they also will be receiving less money from the tax, wouldn’t they?

Forgive me if I am ignorant, I do not live in the UK and our news is mostly covering ISIS. I have had to keep up with the Indyref on my own time as individual research, it isn’t in our news at all. People are not even aware that Scotland is voting in America. Many people are surprised when I tell them. These are just things as I see them, perhaps they are useful as an outside viewer that has almost no opinion, certainly not one that truly matters, after all, I’m not voting.

However, I am curious, take a poll to show this American how you feel.


3 thoughts on “The Indyref and the BBC

  1. I hadn’t really thought about these kind of repercussions until reading your article, you raise some really interesting points. I don’t really know any answers unfortunately but it will be interesting to see how all this plays out.


  2. Nah, this won’t affect Doctor Who in any way. We have BBC Scotland and I don’t see any reason as to why that would disappear in an independent Scotland, especially as America has their own BBC. If BBC did get rid of BBC Scotland, they’d lose out on 5 million potential viewers.

    On the issue of Doctor Who, nothing will change. Chances are they’ll come up with some way to fit it into the story and have Capaldi’s Doctor possibly mention it in the next season.

    This referendum goes beyond a mere TV show. It’s about the people of Scotland gaining more representation and taking control of their own finances and resources.


    • I know but I thought it would be fun to think about and I was hoping someone like you would come along who knows more about it than I do…but…will Scotland pay taxes to it still? That’s a lot of money to lose…I get it’s bigger than the bbc but this is a doctor who blog and that’s the only way I could talk about the issue. I have been following this since last summer. I have found that only a handful of people are aware that Scotland is voting and they have only been aware for maybe a month at most…


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