Review of Time Heist

This has to be one of the most controversial episodes, the critics are panning it but many think it is the best episode so far for season 8.
There is little humor and the story is more reminiscent of Matt Smith, in fact this episode probably would have been better if Matt played it and that is saying something because Capaldi’s acting prowess has helped him transform some mediocre writing into fantastic acting. Capaldi needs to become his own doctor and not rely on his older character’s stuff “shutity up” is certainly like his old character Malcolm Tucker but shut up isn’t exactly something a kid is supposed to say. It was a nice toss in though for a one time deal.
No complaints about the graphics or anything. Just the ending. This has become another timey wimey thing and is honestly not only a cop out but kind of lame ending. Sure, sweet, cute, wraps things up, at first it was confusing but it made more sense than Moffat’s other timey wimey attempts.
At first glance the story is kind of not appealing but on closer examination this episode could be that key shifter. It allows things to be reset a bit and let’s the viewer take a step back.
But right now all I want to know is more about Missy and why we haven’t heard from the time lords when according to that really large 50th special that is supposed to be the new goal and focus in the show, the doctor finding and rescuing his home planet.

6/10 stars


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