Speculations of a Wandering Mind

Although some of the plots may not be making as much sense, the show seems to have something that has been missing for quite a while…an overarching plot that may actually make some sort of sense.
Instead of a mysterious crack or a string of events that do not make any sense…..we have Missy. An enigma that seems to guide some sort of dreamlike afterworld where she is saving creatures from death. She claims the doctor as her boyfriend.
We have Danny Pink, a man that kind of makes you think of Rose’s boyfriend what’s his name? Yeah the guy everyone forgets. Rickey? Oh yeah–Mickey! He provides that tension.
Also the doctor is throwing out really dated references that makes him able to go way back , which why haven’t we delved more into ancient villains and machines? Zygons, autons, and Omega!!!! Oh my word…
Strangely enough, since this is Moffat and he has started to do the timey wimey confusing stuff again, could this mean the return of River? Could she have found a way to regenerate? Or are they all being stored into a computer bank? Is Missy–River ?
With the next episode being about the moon, is it possible that we have an explanation for why River was stuck in a space suit instead of like swimming gear from when she came out of the water?
And why do we not talk about The Name of the Doctor?
Because did we ever figure out the psychic link? The reason River was there? And how the doctor managed to escape his own time stream while taking Clara out?


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