Clara Oswald Character Development

Finally! Clara Oswin Oswald is coming into her own! That is not an insult to Jenna Coleman, more of a testament to Moffat’s character writing improving.
Before this season Clara was a symbol, a leaf. She blew from story to story. She had a reason but it made her seem like she was not a real person.
However we see get become a real person, with a home life, desires, anger, and showing the doctor the way…

We see her getting angry at Madame Vastra.

We see her thinking about men doing activities according to Strax.

We see her be prejudice toward his new age, which she of all companions should understand how regeneration works, seeing all of them. Did something happen that Moffat skipped over? It wouldn’t be the last time, after all, we still don’t know how the doctor escaped his own time vortex.

We see her control freak side come out, before when she said she was a control freak and the writers tried to make her one….I didn’t see it at all…I’ve been around control freaks, I’ve been around my mother, this is no control freak I thought. In fact that’s when I realized, she isn’t real, this character could never be because she only exists to be alongside the doctor. Sure she gets to decide when…..but…..she isn’t a person with real problems.

HERE in season 8 she is a person with real problems.

Like Rose Tyler, her boyfriend keeps inquiring, except this time around he isn’t a total goon like Mickey was made to be, instead she wants to be with him romantically more than the Doctor.

Like Rose, and I will keep using Rose as an example because she is so well written, her family/dating life is starting to catch up with her. She has to make a choice, but unlike Rose, she is confused.

Her control freak does come out but not in the way Moffat describes, it comes out when she is telling Danny what to think about her, trying to manage her boyfriend, not the Doctor.

We don’t know how her story is going to end but we have that feeling she is going to leave the doctor for Danny, which how dull would that be?

I sincerely hope she doesn’t leave Doctor Who soon because the way the Doctor interacts with Clara makes him have someone around for him….Not in the same way as the other Doctor’s either.

He is embarrassed to mess up in front of Clara. He belittles her a lot for being human, but that’s because this doctor is definitely more alien and does not understand humans as much, so she has to show him just what a little human ingenuity can teach you.

She is a teacher to him, like she is to her children.

Clara finally has emotions that go beyond the basic, happy, sad, confused that Doctor Who offers.

Also I think Moffat is finally figuring out through interviews (I think when he explains to people what works, he has an epiphany himself like he just writes but doesn’t understand the connections) that companions are springing boards or sounding boards. Whenever the audience is confused, you have the companion ask the question, or ask for him to explain, or reason out what he was doing all along. You have the companion teach him what lesson to take from this, what the next step should be when he is stumped. The companion offers a different perspective, the perspective of the audience, and that’s why we fall in love with them, because collectively together, in some shape or form, we identify some part of us with them.

So thank you Clara Oswin Oswald, for becoming a character that I can understand, that I can feel for, that I can at least understand where you are coming from…..Not just a girl standing back, waiting to be understood, waiting to be rescued. Clara Oswald has become more than just a leaf, which although a beautiful sentiment, was totally lame. Great buildup but the buildup is the best part, because the resolution of the mystery sucked.

I really hope that something happens at the end of season 8 with our mystery Missy. Because, if it doesn’t happen, I think the buildup will be more of a downfall.

Clara’s overall character 5/10

Season 8 Clara 7/10




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