Peter Capaldi-12th Doctor Review

To be honest, I started this season pumped about Capaldi. He was in a band with my favorite celebrity, Craig Ferguson. He likes classic who and the third doctor was his favorite.
Capaldi’s acting has not disappointed. In fact there are times when I can see where he takes weak or average writing and turns it into something spectacular. All writing is rather bland until you get an actor to say it with their interpretation.
Capaldi has control over his outfit, which is fine it’s a classy no nonsense version of his childhood favorite Doctor, Pertwee (whose costume was filled with frills). He may have mastery of the eyebrows and an accent that will make you swoon, get over it haters, you can understand him after listening for awhile. Plus, it just adds to the humor he can use about being Scottish, maybe he picked up the Scot part from Amy, he used to make fun of it, now he is Scottish, good homage to his old friend Amy.
There are some things that this actor cannot escape, that no amount of excellent acting can hide. In fact, part of his excellent acting has dug himself a hole. His reputation in the famous British show The Thick of It as the swearing politician Malcolm Tucker has loomed over his current role. Doctor Who is such a personal show to the heart of The UK that when you play the lead role, your the role everyone is writing for and therefore preconceptions follow you around. Capaldi has been elected TV personality of the year by GQ despite his TV show characters being unlikable people. His doctor reflects many Malcolm like qualities, ruthless, cold, insulting, and general all around hard ass. Shutity up
Up up was even something he said, not exactly the most appropriate phrase that even though it excited me, it was only because I, like most Capaldi lovers, secret fantasy was for
him to say “Fuckity bye,” like he did as Malcolm Tucker, not exactly appropriate for a kids show. He doesn’t understand humans ,which is understandable being an alien , but we have not even seem him get fascinated by them, so why on earth is he still saving us humans? He is frequently annoyed by Clara, does not see age, fashion, or love as a thing. Yet he respects Clara, her disciplinarian, organized, teacher way of working that although he may criticize her role as human, he values what she can teach him despite her errors that come with being human.
But what does make him different than a Dalek if he looks on humanity with disgust? Where he has very little compassion? What prevents him from being a monster of a time lord?
I thought the show was going for dark so that they could revisit the Doctor’s past, to allow him to fix dark changes, to find his roots again, and to be a badass. However it seems that they have gone dark for the purpose of going dark, to scare, and to magnify the fact the Doctor has turned into a monster himself. I wonder how long that can last, especially with Capaldi continuing as the Doctor, which I will follow him no matter what, but I’m losing steam with having to accept that the Doctor has become a dark presence who offers little hope. I appreciate they brought back the Tom Baker element of him constantly reminding the audience he is an alien but Tom was quirky and still looked at the bright side, while Capaldi’s doctor is the opposite. They need each other to balance things out.
Although I like Capaldi’s acting as the doctor and honestly am convinced that he may actually be the best, I am convinced that he is the Doctor, even Tennant and Smith lack certain moments where they are more human than time lord, Chris Eccleston was convincing as well. As much as I admire his acting prowess, as of right now, I don’t think I like 12. However Moffat has been taking it slow for once, it is possible he is laying groundwork so that we see 12 change with more encounters, we cannot avoid his face when he receives a kiss from a woman in Robots of Sherwood. . So he has the potential to feel, but I hope to see these moments shine through more. Even McCoy’s doctor which has a reputation for being cold, calculating, unlikable, and manipulative had his moments where you could see his two hearts beating despite him trying to hide his emotions that were obviously raging beneath the front he put up. McCoy’s doctor becomes my favorite the more I see if him, hopefully the same will be for Capaldi because right now, his Doctor becomes more unlikable with each episode.


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