Reviews are funny things. People read reviews before they go and see things. Maybe reviews are good for products such as a product on amazon or whether or not a restaurant is up to par or if that place that you’re thinking of signing a lease at is recommended.

It is not my intention for you to decide your opinion going in…..I realize that is kind of what reviews have become, people spouting off their opinions too hastily without giving proper thought into how much blood, sweat, and tears went into a work, to be cliché. Also, viewing pleasure is subjective, I can love a work and think that Capaldi’s acting was great, the writing was actually up to my standards, the graphics were fine……but you could look at it and roll your eyes at a line, hate the graphics and whatnot.

I just know that I like writing reviews. I get recognized for them. But I also like reading reviews from some trusted sources and I like to find people that I agree with, who I can tell put some thought into a work.

That is why it annoys me when people have said to me before ,

“I don’t think I’m going to like Capaldi because he is replacing Smith, ” or the famous, “he’s too old.”

I understand that is your opinion and you have every right to it, but I also feel I have the right to call you out because the Doctor is still the Doctor. You signed up for a journey. Look at the classic doctor’s, do not forsake all the people it took to get to where he is at now, other doctors were old. Do not tell me that you are going to forsake this character because he is still in there, he was once a part of him, but now he changes personality, you knew this when you watched. He changes faces. You’re shallow if he is “too old” for you.

But when it comes to actually watching a work of art, we should be careful with making people think one way by hearing it get rave reviews or panned reviews, because it makes others lose that openness of making up your own mind. It makes others have a predisposition to something so that we are telling people to pay attention to this so we miss that wonderful thing of people noticing more than just what they are told to pay attention to….

There is a culture that critics get, they may be right in more ways than the masses would like to believe, but they sometimes miss just pure pleasure of watching something because of promos, previous episodes, other reviews, and the review they are going to write later. Something is lost in this translation from analyzing, which is all good, but some kind of wonder is lost in the process.


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