Rose is Rose

Rose Tyler, consistently voted a favorite companion. Let’s discuss why.
Romance. Romance is what got the reboot of Doctor Who up. If you are looking there is even a question of sexiness and sex.
If you are REALLY looking you may even come to the conclusion that sex happened…
Sexy, funny, confident, sassy, filled with integrity Rose Tyler. What’s not to like? The doctor even almost uttered “I love you.”
The tenth doctor fell head over heels for Rose. 9 likes her, but 10 LOVED her. Rose . 11 wished.
Martha was the rebound girlfriend, she even said rebound herself. Donna was the “mate” to help him discover himself again and be the friend to comfort him through the “breakup”.
It’s time that the doctor learns to stand on his own though and survive without trying to win a date. All the other doctors in the reboot had sex appeal. 12, despite how much I think he is sexy, is not necessarily the teen heartthrob type.
But romance wins out a lot. The heart wins, because Rose is consistently voted the best companion over long time companions such as Sarah Jane, K9, the brigadier and even over the doctor’s own grand-daughter that was the focus of the show at the start.

Find more on Rose Tyler on the Doctor’s tabs either 9 or 10….but here, if you’re lazy I’ll choose for you. <–more Rose Tyler content added all the time in this link.



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