My Review of Kill the Moon

Let’s start with Courtney Woods before I start reviewing just everything about this episode

Courtney Woods is a funny spunky companion that brings the show back to younger fans and give them hope that they could possibly be a companion. Could she be the next Ace? Ace was definitely a disruptive influence.

Except she is a bit too scared for my taste, but she shows real emotion.

Honestly, a giant space spider would have been more scary. I don’t really like how it had a abortion type feel to the episode, that has been done to death. I also don’t think it’s right to teach kids that the moon is an egg that may someday hatch. That’ll cause scientifically inaccurate nightmares. Didn’t this show used to actually kind of in an indirect way teach science? Obviously it’s science fiction and the futuristic elements are always shaky but wtf is this?

I wish the Doctor liked Danny Pink, because I don’t like that Clara seems to be leaving, he better travel with her from now on…..but is she gone? No one seemed sad, but that might be it, if a classic companion did that, the doctor would have a nice sayonara and that would be that.


Breath taking imagery of the moon made me wish that another spacecraft journeyed to the moon to take more in depth video, more information about this wonderful moon that does so much for us.

I’m not even going to go into how blah the writing was because you can check out my twitter ranting with other fans. I have to say, Moffat didn’t write this, so no one can really blame him. Even if he did co-write it, I believe that’s kind of a lie, because you see Sherlock and you just kind of know that even though it says he is co-writer, you don’t really spot his influence very often. You can say one thing about Moffat, it’s apparent when his influence is on something, because all of a sudden you’re talking in riddles that don’t even make sense when they are solved or just have an unsatisfying conclusion (not just because the ending was sad but it’s kind of the “that’s it?” factor).

But I think Tumblr may have even tuned out because people didn’t even seem too pumped on Tumblr that you mentioned them on Tumblr. (btw Doctor Who’s real social media platform is definitely Tumblr–which Moffat has even said he avoids like the plague because people are not nice to him there……….he should try it again, we also do offer constructive criticism. I understand it isn’t our show and you have to stay true to yourself but when so many people dislike your writing, you might want to consider a few revisions)

Overall review: 4/10 –the moon imagery was basically the only thing I liked about the entire thing. The end was OK (not the part about the moon being an egg, that’s just dumb)

ALSO….What is up with the promo photo for this episode?


I never thought I’d say this about Doctor Who but there were spots that the audio threw me off, like a microphone or audio level was stronger than the other or something. It was at the start, no it was not my TV.

That is just my opinion of the episode, the show is up for your enjoyment and interpretation. I want you to enjoy it, but I drive home 3 hours to watch Doctor Who on cable……And this episode was disappointing for me. Not worth a 3 hour drive.


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