Smith and Jones

Martha Jones, the hated companion.

I know many people who stopped watching Doctor Who after Rose left.

She was the Doctor’s rebound girlfriend. He didn’t love her and that was obvious.

He just took her to all the places he took Rose trying to create a romance that was not there just so he did not have to be alone.

Martha Jones knew this herself. She commented on it once. She violently would tell off the Doctor sometimes.

Her mother did not approve of course. Martha Jones actually had siblings!

Martha could kick ass. She was super smart, studying to be a doctor. A black female doctor.

But the Doctor did use her in all the wrong ways.

Remember the episode where the Doctor is human and he basically becomes a racist?

How much that must have hurt Martha who was helping him to not only see him falling for another woman, but for him to insult the woman that was helping him. The woman who knew the truth, that he had asked to help him. She had stayed by his side through all of this.

Martha traveled the world telling the story of the Doctor, that does not come without complications.

Is it any wonder that she may have destroyed the world in Journey’s End? Because she was so self sufficient, used to the Doctor saving the day but letting her be insulted time and time again. She saw the wonders and the horrors.

In conclusion, Martha is underrated, and a butt kicker.


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