Mummy on the….Where are We Going?


It  seems like Capaldi’s doctor gets more likable, his face when he find out Clara is trapped changes drastically from know-it-all to a you-shall-be-avenged look. His face lights up and shows a tender caring nature whenever she says she could never hate him amongst other things, trying to leave this spoiler free here….It’s just rather touching to see an almost Sylvester McCoy doctor in there, cold, calculating, but desperately trying to hide how he truly feels by letting those few precious moments slip in that let us know that the Doctor, may act like a grouchy old man, he has that lovely two hearts beating underneath it all.  He still has that special something that makes you want to reach out to him.

With that, I hope he stays for a long time. As I re-watch Doctor Who and Classic Who, I am finding the new doctors are only staying in their role for a short time. 13 episodes a season. With three seasons for Tennant and Smith, it was just not enough. First season is warming up, second season is finally finding a balance, and what, third season time to bow out?


I think it should go like this:

1st season: Warming up to the new doctor.

2nd season: His personality as his doctor starts to really become his own.

3rd season: Everyone starts to really get caught up and enjoy him

4th season: Everyone kind of hits that stride

5th season: This is the place where writing and things can actually be experimented with to fix past mistakes in the storyline and even things out since we have an actor we’re used to now.

6th season: This is full of those sweet farewells, where I will be truly sad to see him leave, not just angry that three seasons is not enough time for a doctor, there have been companions that have stayed longer than that.

I think it’s also worth noting that Tom Baker had 7 seasons. Exposure is key, people come in and out of TV shows all the time, usually once the show has had a few seasons, it’s no different with Doctors, I didn’t watch Matt Smith until his last season because I was still upset Tennant left and Smith didn’t win me over right away.


I’m glad we still have Clara, but I almost want her to leave now. I would have loved it if Danny came into the picture much more slowly, in fact maybe mid season. I’m just kind of ticked at Danny, expecting a girl to leave a life of adventure when he hasn’t even been on the tardis on an adventure himself.

Like seriously, are we just supposed to accept that they made a huge deal about Danny being a soldier and it’s all just because the doctor hates soldiers? Can there be no conversation further about this? Can Danny not come on the tardis again? Seriously, we need to see the bloke travel a bit with the doctor to be OK with him taking Clara off, the girl who keeps the Doctor in check at the moment. Even Mickey traveled on the Tardis. Also why introduce Mi…I mean Danny if he is only going to disappear or appear for less than a minute each episode for a phone call.

Jenna Coleman is stunningly beautiful and a great actress but they aren’t really pals anymore, the Doctor and her. As much as I hate to say this, can we see River? Can we see a classic who companion since we blurt out classic who references like crazy now(seriously screamed with glee at the jelly babies though)? Can we re-introduce classic who concepts?

Also….Seriously, why are we not discussing Missy anymore? All Missy-ed out?

Either way, this episode was a bit disappointing, but not as bad as To Kill the Moon. I’d rather deal with a real fantasy than some wild fantasy that goes against all science, a mummy is a legend, the moon being an egg…..sloppy science which wasn’t this show supposed to teach when it first cam out?…… Sheesh….




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