Flatline Not Flat

Can we all just stand back a moment???

The Doctor has finally defined himself, which is weird because he hardly appeared in this episode.
The monster was interesting. The Doctor gave them a chance. The graphics were interesting because it looked like bad graphics but it actually fits with the storyline.
Clara was funny as Doctor Clara or “Doclara” as I will call her.
The writing was pretty good, it wasn’t confusing. It didn’t leave some open question that would never be solved.
Can we also marvel at this episode and how it focuses on the TARDIS in such a unique way? When I saw the previews I freaked out! Has this ever been done? Classic Whovians? Answers? I know the TARDIS has been small before. But has it ever been so that the doctor’s hand came out big?
I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t have to do with the chameleon circuit.
It had a Davies feel about the plot. But it’s Jamie Mathieson…delivering two beautiful scripts in a row. Granted Mummy on the Orient Express was not the greatest but welcome after the writing gradually got worse until we got the very scientifically inaccurate To Kill the Moon that was so bad that many viewers,like myself, just could not accept such inaccuracies of our own moon. But Flatline is fantastic! I was amused, found it to follow, and found the characters so well written.


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