Here is What You and I Said About Capaldi

Peter Capaldi, definitely the most clicked article on this website is my review of Capaldi. Yet no one has commented on it. Does that mean you agree? Don’t care? Well, I thought I’d ask a more responsive audience, so I asked the people on Tumblr what they thought about Capaldi’s run in the TARDIS so far….Here is what they had to say.

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Thank you for validating my own feelings. I feel like Capaldi’s acting is magnificent. I think that he is a good Time Lord. I feel like he is a bit wanting on the compassion side, but that’s what makes us want to stay, will he change? I kind of want to see a progression of him being filled with wonder at the human race and trying to feel what we feel.

I see him as a mixture of 1,3,4,7 and 9.

1=Piss and Hellfire

3= his outfit and some of the references

4=he got his alien feel to him back

7=manipulative but has a purpose, he has to let you think a certain way so he can figure it all out

9= Just moments that mirror nine


I felt like my personal love for his acting may have gotten in the way of my judgement. I don’t think it has though. Is it just me, but as much as I think the acting is magnificent….I want to see the Doctor be more of a sensitive soul underneath his rough exterior, or else he is just another Time Lord, (which 7 said “I am far more than just another time lord”)….SO PROVE IT.

He did show it a bit in The Mummy on the Orient Express.  His caring nature was much like when 7 was losing his companion (but acquiring Ace).

The problem is, he isn’t his OWN Time Lord yet. He resembles everyone else. He references everyone else. The stupid quirks my dear Peter are not just for silliness, but to show everyone has their own quirks and to make the role their own. Minimalistic as you have said, does not really leave very much of your own trademark image. I love what you are trying to do, but please adopt something that can be adopted more easily than your eyebrows, yes that is all yours, but flattery is the best form of praise, but no one can do eyebrows like yours. You have said you wanted to make it easy on fans to cosplay you, but there is no room in my budget to purchase a suit, especially one with red on the inside.

I want Peter Capaldi to be his own doctor, and he is getting there. But something is missing.  It’s hard to exactly put a finger on it with all of the referencing that gets tossed around. He reminds me of everyone else and Malcolm Tucker, but not himself.

There is a reason why catchphrases, outfits, and so on do so well for Doctor Who. Everyone wants to dress like a Time Lord, talk like their favorite Time Lord, and so on. They want something to latch onto……as much as I love Peter Capaldi. As much as I will follow him to the ends of the earth in this role. He isn’t my doctor….NOT YET. I love them all. Especially 3,4,7 and 10. (Sorry 9 and 11).

………If any of you understand what I am rambling on about, please let me know. Sound off somewhere. I have no idea but I want Capaldi to be MY doctor. I have moments where I look at my screen and sigh, (because despite what you may think Mr. Capaldi, you are still quite a heart throb- audiences also love a 1000 year old Time Lord, so age probably matters less to us than other fandoms).

I have heard such lovely things about Peter Capaldi off screen about his kindness and love for the fans. He is doing it for us. I am eternally happy for that. So thank you Capaldi, you have another season on you I know, and I hope you have many more, to win our hearts and I think has the potential to become like the 4th Doctor, where you become THE Doctor. In fact…..I probably SEE you as more THE Doctor than even 9,10, or 11. You just FEEL like a Time Lord. Like you KNOW about your life as THE Doctor. You are most definitely convincing as THE Doctor….but I still want to take you into my heart and love you like I have never loved any other regeneration, that hasn’t happened yet….I’m sure it will.

I talk to Peter Capaldi personally in the paragraphs above because he feels like a close friend. He feels like someone I could talk to, who I could ask him about his days in a band, about how he sees his work going, about other shows, about his family. He seems like he is just a fanboy himself. I hope he knows he isn’t just a fanboy now he is IT. He is the whole show, 50 years has led to HIM. I hope he never loses that down to earth nature he has with the fans who encounter him. He seems incredibly humble. I hope all that is right…..because he may not be my favorite regeneration (YET) but he definitely is #1 in my heart off the screen. I love 7,10 and him off the screen. He is the only one I feel like after he decides to leave, I can see him in other roles and not think he is the Doctor (as a testament to his acting, I love watching him act because even though he is a huge star, I still only see the character he portrays, not his celebrity status, which can happen to stars).

……..I agree with you all. He is fantastic….but I feel like the best is yet to come for him.



One thought on “Here is What You and I Said About Capaldi

  1. My personal take w/ the 12th Doctor is that he’s suffering PTSD and is afraid of the person that might have made him. The war wasn’t that long ago for him and he’s full of doubts. I think he’s great. I also think he likes hugs more than he lets on.

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