The Top Gear Channel



Have you ever thought, there is too much Chef Ramsey or Top Gear on BBC America? You are not alone. I have some numbers to prove it.

You probably noticed it the most when you were home in the summer right? Gorging off your parent’s cable? (Don’t feel guilty, so was I)…..


Me Actually Crunching Math (I don’t mind when it’s for TV)

I did some numbers that day. Top Gear was on about 48 hours that week. Which means that within a month, if they played Top Gear in order, you could practically watch the whole series by just watching BBC America for a month. (I averaged out the 24 that it was on this week with the 48 that was in the summer).


Question of Audience

Which begs the question, do they know their audience? Who are they targeting? Are they reaching them? If they are, are they making any money out of them?

I have become a bit attached to Top Gear, meaning I only really like it when there is a celebrity guest star I like on the show.

The only reason you may feel like Top Gear is still dominating the charts even though after the summer, it seems to have evened out, Top Gear is frequently played in the evening, so when you come home and have your leisure time…Here is a chart of approximately the BBC America’s lineup as of right now.

BBC America only seems to produce a lot of Fall Shows. For instance Doctor Who, is a huge part of their lineup and a demographic they are making money off of all over the world. Also for the first time, they are going to be airing Sherlock on BBC America (last year it went through PBS first, bleck, as much as I love PBS, why do they get dibs on a show that BBC made?)



Why Top Gear Overload is Bad for American Audiences

However, I do wonder at what they are doing. I wish I understood scheduling a bit better. It’s something I am interested in. I’m interested in social media, video editing, taping, directing, writing, producing, and scheduling. I wonder what their business plan is because it seems to me that they could find a better business model.

There are car shows in America, why watch Top Gear? Quite frankly, I find the hosts annoying, plus, they’ve caused a lot of controversy lately. (Yes I read British news from BBC, The Guardian, and other publications, I’m more interested in British publications than American). How are they selling anything in America. It may be fine in the UK, but I don’t really see American audiences buying it.

Plus, we hit it and quit it. BBC America has given us SO much Top Gear that we’re ready to quit it I feel like, replace it with some of the wonderful programs you have in the UK, even if it’s something you have on Netflix.


I Kinda See Your Drift Here

Star Trek and Chef Ramsey. I get it, you got Patrick Stewart and Chef Ramsey, you want to showcase that. You also want to show that William Shatner is from Canada, which makes him all about that BBC. What I find interesting is that these are syndicated on other stations in the US, so why air them the BBC America station? I can possibly see how this actually may work, the show on BBC reminds people of how good it was, so other stations might want to take it on for syndicate.

I put other because this can be any program from the once a day show of The Musketeers (fine job by Capaldi as Cardinal Richeliu in that), or the wildlife programs that are running on BBC America right now. There is Orphan Black, Intruders, Atlantis, and so many other series that the BBC is starting to air in America right now.


Appeal to BBC America for Programming they Have in the UK but Not Here

What I wonder is, why never plug your products? Why does the BBC never call attention the fact that they have DVDs available?

Also, why isn’t there comedy? I know that British drama is the envy of the world right now, but people like to tell others when they say they watch British television, that they like the British sense of humor.

When I talk to actual Brits online, they think it’s awesome I know about series such as Keeping Up Appearances and A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Which, my mom bought Keeping Up Appearances when I was a kid, because BBC used to advertise a bit that they sold VHS tapes, which by the way, BBC America, if you want to have a small plug at the end, just list a store website and maybe a small stupid commercial like Keeping Up Appearances had even in the VHS to promote BBC.

I understand that these series are in Netflix and you probably arranged some sort of deal with Netflix for them, I can only see improvement if BBC tries to promote those in some way because they are such classics but often ignored. I feel like these products still have potential.

Excuse me if I’m wrong, but I think putting more variety on instead of a marathon of Top Gear, or even Doctor Who in the fall season to where you can see so much of the series over and over again, that it gets annoying, I think there is potential in putting variety on BBC America. At least to play around with…

Because having some of the great shows on BBC America that were/are on the BBC can generate more ad revenue I feel and satisfy viewers.

Untapped Portion of Profitable Market

Also…..some of the biggest market is for Doctor Who and yet Classic Who is not even really explored on BBC America. IF the BBC America office would air more Classic Who, I guarantee that there would be more interest in buying those shows, buying merchandise inspired by old Doctors and so on….American’s have to feel like they get a big enough taste before they buy something…..BBC may say that they do that through Netflix….Not really so….I only learned through Netflix that I thought I hated the first Doctor (I didn’t I bought a DVD of the first episode and found it more tolerable than whatever is up on Netflix) , that the second Doctor was OK, that I loved Pertwee but did not feel so attached that I had to immediately buy anything from his Doctor (his cosplay is also ridiculously expensive), I found that four was the easiest to emulate and was funny….and he had the most up on Netflix, so I bought products associated with him. I found I liked 5 alright. There was pretty much nothing on Colin so I kind of still hate his Doctor just because I have ZERO exposure to him really. I found that I like 7 BECAUSE the rare occasion that Classic Who was on BBC America, he was on and I forever love how he kind of grew on me from them on….so I’d love to figure out how I can buy stuff from his Doctor.

See what I mean, we have the feeling we need to be responsible consumers and know that if we buy it, it’ll be worth our money, so we need sneak previews aka-a few episodes or in classic who’s case, story lines. But if you get us to like a Doctor, nerds like to dress like nerds with other nerds, they will go out and find the nerdy things, or make it themselves, so make it so that BBC gets a cut of the action too!


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