Into the Forest Of the Night Review

I expected this whole story to be like a Grimm’s fairy tale, instead it had a pleasant amount of references to Hansel and Gretal. This has a Gatiss and Moffat feel to it because of the mention of these fairy tales
but it is the work of Frank Boyce.
The story was excellent. The science made enough sense to accept the fact that trees grew overnight into a forest. Thought the flame retardant trees was a good touch.
The little girl’s sister was a bit weird though. She disappeared then re-appeared because “the thought of you came to me”? What is that supposed to mean? I understand that maybe she can see things other children can’t, but it was never established she had power over these, even though she “thought of the forest”. Did this little girl know this solar flare was coming and that’s why she sent trees? The girl’s power is the weak point in the story.

Danny continues to drop truth bombs and although we can see why Clara likes him, it doesn’t mean that we like him ourselves.
Before when I said that Capaldi wasn’t his own Doctor yet, I was wrong. I thought all the referencing was distracting and making him more like the others but not him. However, Capaldi’s performance can stand on it’s own, the self referencing is part of who his Doctor is, he is acknowledging his past at long last. He is acknowledging past adventures, of things off screen. He is nostalgic but still no nonsense.

I give this episode an 8/10. It was great but didn’t really blow me away.

Also, Clara, is she a ruse? She obviously is staying until the end, or almost the end of season 8. We may finally get some answers to who Missy is and so on…


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