Who is Missy? -9 Popular Theories

1. The Valeyard
The Valeyard is the dark side of the Doctor that first appeared with the sixth Doctor, and put the Doctor on trial. Also it’s a clever way of testing to see whether a female doctor would be accepted.
2. Romana
I mean…she was a time
Lady, where did she go? There was an implied relationship. So the “boyfriend” thing could work. Also the garden could be her TARDIS.
3. River Song-
How did the doctor have that psychic link with the Doctor? She says that it must meant she could not be dead. So maybe it’s River/maybe the computer that “saved” everyone:
4. The Tardis
The Tardis kinda changes with each regeneration. She seems to be possessive of the Doctor. Maybe she is somehow the heart/mind/body of the TARDIS.
5. Clara
With the new episode involving Clara in some possibly dark stuff, she could be…there were all those parts of her scattered and we have no idea what happened to get them out of his own time stream.
6. The master
Because he survives like no other
7. A totally new villain/character
New series, new villains
8. The Rani
With Gallifrey still existing –could a time lady escape?
9. Someone we haven’t thought of yet.
Moffat likes to surprise us with the most random of choices, quite often just to show off but it makes no sense. Wouldn’t it be interesting if it was Gwen Cooper’s ancestor? You know the on from Nine’s season? The one where he meets Dickens? No? Because it sounds plausible to me.


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