David Tennant’s Saving Grace

So did you tune into that interview with David Letterman and David Tennant? It’s funny how whenever a Scot comes onto an American show all they end up talking about is alcohol, haggis, other scots, and golf.
Which forced the interview to be quite dull. Tennant ended up just saying he was a bad scot for not playing hold, not really being a big drinker, not talking about the election because he was not eligible to vote, and only said he liked haggis.
And since Letterman obviously knew the bare minimum about Doctor Who….not even that really…even the conversation about the Doctor was kind of dull except it was funny because all of the Whovians were tittering at how obviously unprepared Letterman was for such a complex storyline for a kid’s show.
He could have joked like crazy about David and his father in law playing the same person…since David brought it up. ..but nope. So David Letterman has officially lost his funny vine not being able to come up with a joke for that and instead just acting like a lost imbecile.
BUT good news, fellow Scotsman and Whovian lover Craig Ferguson will have him on the show!! November 6th. Craig will undoubtedly will give us a great interview! He did so with Matt Smith. And even his friend Capaldi (3 years before he was announced as the Doctor) . Craig knows when to get excited, silly, serious, and just chummy. No questions about being Scots really except to be like “hello fellow Scot, let’s take a brief moment to joke about our history. ”
Last time a doctor was on…Craig had a whole song and dance number planned with Whovian props. Chris Hardwick was on too so they all fan boy-ed together.
Now I only hope Craog Ferguson has his childhood friend, Capaldi on AS the Doctor before he leaves this December…even if it’s a surprise visit.


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