No One Knows Who Missy is….

No one except Moffat and his peeps. Gotta say the man does know how to keep a secret. The whole cast does….Geez Jenna Louise.

The theories are flying everywhere.

“She’s Clara’s gran”

“She’s this random absurd character from THIS episode”

“She’s God.”

“She’s the Tardis”

“She’s Clara”

“She is River”


But we’re all dying to find out….and then when we do….maybe we wish we hadn’t wished for it.

This is an altering last 2 episodes for a finale. A long one…..So Moffat is going to have us on his leash for awhile. Congrats Moffat, you did great in that aspect. That means you did your job as a writer. Now the second half of that is to actually make an ending that is at least understandable and not just trying to show off, because I’ve paid careful attention to your work….you do great for awhile and then the ending, while surprising, is surprising simply because it’s….well, a let down.


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