Spoilers Dark Water Ranting Review

Well the great experiment has begun.

Will people accept a female time lord? Ugh. Grow up. The Rani was an evil time lady way before 2005.
I know Moffat says he doesn’t read the internet but he must otherwise we have a woman who in the script even wrote “looks like Mary Poppins” for her style. It’s been a crack theory for awhile now that she is a time lord. It’s also a crack theory that River is Ms Frizzle from Magic School Bus.
And that kiss was classic fanfic of Master and Doctor. Glad that Capaldi wasn’t into it. It was also the first time I’ve said ew to a kiss in awhile. I love to see the kissing. I wouldn’t mind pretty much any version of the doctor kissing me ( and yes that includes classic because the doctor is always the same alien underneath it all) but that kiss was gross. All the kisses this season have felt uncomfortable, even Clara kissing Danny. As a kid I was always ok with seeing kissing scenes but all the chemistry is wrong. For all that intimate stuff. The only good kiss was when the random lady kissed the doctor thanking him for freeing them in Robots of Sherwood.
We still are wondering about the boyfriend comment, keeping his accent, and HER Clara? What the hell is going on? Can this be a trick? Could she possibly be the Valeyard still?
I’m not really happy with this change but if it’s on the level, I’ll deal with it.
Can we talk about how there were SO many good theories out there? The fact that it is a character that’s already been introduced to the new series is terrible that THIS was the huge reveal.
Why couldn’t she just be a she? Why did we need all the fanfare to be….surprise–it’s a girl!!!! No wonder ladies feel like they have to have feminism (I am a feminist ) but the fact that A whole TV show went ” the big deal is we made this person a girl now” SO WHAT? Excuse me if I don’t give you a medal. Yay! A girl. We had the Rani in Classic Who and gender re-alignment has been discussed before but quite frankly, i could care less if anyone changes gender depending on the circumstances. I am not sure I am ready for a girl doctor, unless it’s me of course 😛 .
I was just disappointed at it. It was obvious and I was hoping for clever like Bad Wolf or Something on Your Back arc.
Moffat is good at storyline and buildup but terrible at the payoff. I will not mark this down as a memorable episode. You don’t get bonus points for re-introducing the Master again, even if he is now a she.
I didn’t miss Danny. I felt bad that he died the way he did and that he died at all. *sarcasm* so great character buildup there.
I was fine with the dream like thing. Some say that other doctors would not have tolerated Clara but I think that’s because other Doctors had shitty companions in Classic Who that were just girls to be damsels in distress with no real emotion except to be emotional whiny bags. Clara has a reason to cry even if I am not attached to Mr. Pink. God he sounds like Lethbridge Stewart in reverse though. A soldier first then a Maths teacher.
The doctors words are good for the situation. Because that’s how real relationships are….if my best friend did that to me, took away my MOST dear possession. I’d feel sad and angry, but they came to me with a problem and I’d realize their anguish and try to help. Because we care. So underneath all the sense of alien we’ve gotten from 12 and his not understanding humans with this persona, he has that heart of gold underneath. And THAT is what I was looking for….I don’t care if he kicks her out after this……that behavior is asking for it….but it’s nice to know that he is still there. That he has a point. Some have said that their is no point in the doctor saving us if he no longer cares for us….he cares for his companions, and as long as they are from earth (not all have been you know ) then he has a reason to save us.
…..but the title Dark Water? Dumb? What point did that water serve except to hide the Cybermen? Is it a metaphor or something?
Beautifully done except for the mysterious build up was a terrible payoff. Now I’m just angry that I spent so much time thinking of all the possibilities for it to be the VERY OBVIOUS answer. And despite Missy being a girl, that was obvious, the only reason I didn’t think it was the master is because I thought that’d be lame…
So actual episode 7/10
The disappointing plot twist added in 5/10
It ruined it for me.


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