5 Reasons to Follow on Facebook

Like seriously, tell me if the link works. I think it may be broken. Only 6 followers? Have more on EVERY other platform I’ve chosen.


1. It just shows up on your feed

Facebook kind of sorts itself by what it thinks you’d be interested in, if you are super into Who, it’ll know.

2. Quick updates You Don’t Have to Even Click On

Self explanatory

3. Conversations

Facebook is still one of the best places to have a discussion. On Twitter, you spam up others feeds. On Tumblr, it’s out there for the whole world to see, you want someone to see you being clever, but maybe a face behind the comment would be nice.

4. These Conversations are Meaningful

I feel like the time I comment most or see my most Who related news is from scrolling down my Facebook. I do see the headlines on Twitter, but I’d like to read a little more before I read the whole article.

5. Because My Facebook is Lonely

Only six people? C’mon!


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