Classic Who Paradise

Are you frustrated because you can’t find classic who episodes (more than the ones on Netflix) without getting a virus on your computer? I have your answer.    It all started from the game of Monopoly at McDonalds, I won a months subscription to Hulu+.

.    They have pretty much all the Classic Who seasons, unfortunately not all the episodes as you probably know that a lot of episodes are lost. However some of the found lost episodes are on Hulu.

Doctor Who is on Netflix and Classic Who is on Netflix, but Classic Who is lacking on Netflix. The first Doctor was the doctor for years and yet only one episode is on Netflix, and it isn’t even the very first episode.

There are even specials on Hulu +.

1. Doctor Who’s Greatest Moments

2. Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide

3. The Doctor’s Revisited

4. The Science of Doctor Who

Of course there are Christmas specials and other things but those are the main points. There is the current series that is on there but you can get that on Netflix.

Yes, this is a plug for Hulu+, because it does an extraordinary job that no other reputable website is doing…It definitely is a lot cheaper than buying all those episodes, and I don’t know about the UK, but in America the classic who episodes are not shown on TV very often if at all, and it cost an outrageous amount for episodes you aren’t even sure you are going to love (as much as I love Doctor Who, I’m not willing to pay for certain episodes without previewing them).

Hulu+ costs $8 a month and there is never a contract or long term commitment. Hulu plus comes with a 1 week free trial. If you are a student, sign-up with your .edu email address and get a 1-month free trial.


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