Mary Master Missy (potential spoilers, more speculation)

Ok, now that I’m over the shock of Missy being the Master, I wasn’t really shocked. If you read my last review I was disappointed but that has nothing to do with the Master/Missy, just felt like I wanted a bigger shock.      She thinks of herself as the girlfriend to the Doctor. She somehow can keep his accent? What does that have to do with anything? Perhaps we’ll figure it out later.

She obviously gave him a big kiss? Was there a reason like River’s lipstick that made people lose their minds? Or is she derangely in love with the Doctor? It wouldn’t be strange, the Rani has noted the strange obsession the two have with each other and arguing with each other. However if he/she, did this just because she has turned into a woman time lord instead, then this is a bad step. It doesn’t have to be bad though mentioning how much he in the past was obsessed with him. Now, being a woman, the Doctor is now more than just obsession, but love. A bit demeaning but you can see the point, maybe the Master didn’t really consider himself gay but with his new gender alignment finds ze finds it acceptable.

But what I want to know is what is up with the Mary Poppins outfit? It is not in my head, it even says in one of the leaked scripts about her being dressed like Mary Poppins. Could Moffat have found the crack theory and make it into a reality? Could it loop back to Mary Poppins being the time lord and being sent to Cherry Tree Lane?


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