7 Reasons to Check Out My Tumblr


1. More gifs

If you don’t like them well you’re a….

      Because gifs are fun.

2. More everything

Easier, faster, more content that is EASY to go through. Like a Doctor Who google.

3. Layout

Because the page just LOOKS cool.

4. Because the Doctor mentioned Tumblr

(even though he wants his picture off of it, because the doctor knows that Tumblr is a very confidential place, who knows, he may have one 😛 )

5. Because I feature Doctor Who artists and you can be one of them!!!

6. No filter
I speak my mind. You speak yours. Tumblr speaks theirs. It can get vulgar and mean, so remember to take a step back and JUST ENJOY THE SHOW. Don’t let anyone change your opinion.

7. It’s just fun!



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