(SEASON 8 SPOILERS) Moffat surprised by Laughter

If you watched the first episode on TV or theaters, remember how sweet that was? Apparently the moment even surprised Steven Moffat. 

Some of the fans were cynical about accepting a new doctor, especially an older one. Even Clara had some problems, she masks her prejudice by thinking that she has never gone for the young attractive types, going for intellectual types instead. That’s when she realizes, why is she judging the doctor? Especially since she is probably the companion that knows him the most just because all of her echos, but we still don’t know how she stopped being an echo, how did he save her from her time stream?

How did this script surprise Steven Moffat if he was the one who wrote it?

Because he wasn’t expecting a laugh during this scene.

Remember that time we had for a laugh? No?

It was after Clara hung up from that phone call, and she said it was the Doctor.

12 was like “yeah I know.”

Moffat wasn’t expecting a laugh there.

But of course it’s funny, of course you would know that it’s you on the telephone. You would hopefully recall that phone call. I mean he is a time lord, it’s a funny time lord problem, she was telling THE DOCTOR that it was THE DOCTOR. She told him that it was him. DUH.

Want to watch it again? Here is a not high quality version, but still the scene.


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