Moffat Contradicts Himself

….this shouldn’t be a surprise. But this time, it’s about fan culture. We have all heard the critics that fanboy over Steven Moffat, saying that Moffat is the heart of fanboy. Moffat has tried to metaphorically kill us in our emotions. He doesn’t give us what we want yet he gives us exactly what he wants which I don’t think he knows what that is….because he is trying to please what BBC wants, fans want, and he wants… …

YET….he said he’d have took a peek at those leaked scripts and recently jokingly said about the secret that he was trying to convince people that Missy was RANI, he said don’t people steal scripts anymore?

……Is this the same guy who said if the video trailer for the 50th,that if it was leaked that there may never be the 50th???

Is he trying to earn back the fanboy at heart image? Because its almost ridiculous at how he hasn’t introduced very many old villains. He has invented a few villains but they are not built to be long lasting….except the weeping angels….they have terrifying potential. The Silence has a bit of a confusing story if he can sort out what the last episode where the silence are a religious order?

He killed Osgood! No doubt how he views us as fans. Blowing our oxygen for our hyperventilating fangirl hearts that quote him and wear his stuff.

Is that how he sees us? Does he want to kill us off? Does he particularly dislike us and not want to make us happy? Is he really even making himself happy?


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