#1 Rule: Moffat Lies

Moffat may have written that Rule #1 is the Doctor lies….while that may be true…..Moffat is no different, so what has he up his sleeve? Moffat goes to extraordinary lengths to keep secrets for Doctor Who, even tricking the crew by creating alternative lines that actors are seen rehearsing.

He has gone on the record saying that he tried to convince people that Missy was the Rani, which was just dumb because now it means we really do want the Rani and he probably is not going to deliver her anytime soon.

He lied his butt off about the anniversary special about what was going to happen.

He lies about returning characters, what the doctor is going to do or not do, who is dying, who lives and on and on and on and on……..

He even lies IN his scripts that AIR. The show has never been on continuity as it is a sci-fi show, but it also takes the cake about wiping out plotlines from recent Doctors. It changes things that are not based on what the Doctor does and says anymore, but also messes up basic logic, like how did we get here? Seriously, you have companions, use them to explain what the hell just went down…..how did we get from certain episodes to another episode, especially those ones such as when John Hurt appears out of nowhere? How does the Doctor rescue himself and Clara?

It’s a wonder for the man who writes Sherlock which involves THE SCIENCE OF DEDUCTION, that we cannot begin to follow certain plot lines, that’s what Watson is for…..when the Doctor/Sherlock gets too clever for us, they explain.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, wondered why murder books just suddenly resolved without explaining HOW and WHY the culprits were caught, they just were like “we caught them,” and that is also how justice was served….and Conan Doyle changed history with that, not only literary wise, but crime wise…..

Recently, Moffat has kept saying WhoLock will not ever happen, yet openly admits that he wants it to happen.

Yet we have met Robin Hood.

We are meeting Santa Clause…..

So why not WhoLock? Keep faith WhoLock fans……for remember…….Moffat lies.


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