Happy Birthday Mr. Moffat

Moffat, since this is Thanksgiving…..we’ll be nice.

Thank you for being such a fanboy and giving such amazing quotes.

Thank you for creating the Weeping Angels although they scare the living daylights out of us….

Thanks for the Silence.

Thank you for the 50th, it was actually quite lovely, there were problems and haters but pretty good as it all goes (but you should’ve included all the doctors that you could have, the 5 ish Doctors should have been there………)

Thank you for giving the Time Lord more lives, even if it didn’t really make sense. Time Lords granting it or not….

Thanks for Missy, although I WISH it was the Rani.

Thank you for making Matt as popular as he was….and for taking away the fez…..he was cute, but I can wear bowties out in public, but fezzes are a bit too far….

For the tributes to the Brig….

For giving 8 more screen time.

For Sherlock too.

For your wonderful wife who probably helps you more than people are aware…

For your wife’s hand in Sherlock.

For your poor boys that have to deal with everything said about Doctor Who and their dad as the writer.

Thank you for being a good writer duo with Gatiss.

And yeah……


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