The Impossible List

I’ve seen MANY websites try to rank the doctor’s incarnations. These lists are very dissatisfying to me, rating some very good doctors as “worst” or some good doctors not on the “best” lists. Worst to Best –and remember this is my personal list not based on any sort of facts statistically.

12. Colin Baker (he’s better in podcast)-

The plots were a bit rubbish, a vain arrogant side of the doctor that just was not a lot of fun.

11. Peter Davison

Super nice guy, did not add too much to the role. The celery was nice. Killing off a companion was a new thing. However, spending so long to get a girl to the airport gets a bit dull. I love Davison’s directing the 5ish Doctors. I love his unique relationship to David Tennant. I like him in all his public appearances. images

10. Paul McGann


Sadly, he did not get enough time in the TARDIS, that’s why he is rated higher, out of pity. However I loved his style, his personality, and oh my lord that kiss. The minisode was amazing too. He also looks

9. Matt Smith


He brought many new fans to the show. The Doctor seems more like the second Doctor…..after all, the original bowties are cool. He dealt with different monsters but perhaps not the best writing after awhile. Youthful and all like a puppy. A friend.

8. William Hartnell

The sassy man that started it all. That’s all.

7. Chris Eccleston

The sassy man who brought an edge and helped launch the restart. Sort of the William Hartnell of his time, stakes were high and he pulled through. He brought gravitas to the role.

6. David Tennant


So much passion, so much hurt, so many hormones. We got a girlfriend, the rebound girlfriend, and the best friend. We had such good writing, clear cut storylines that make sense and not a lot of timey wimey things. Timey wimey things are good every once in awhile, but too much just gets to glitchy . Attractive as hell and he married his daughter….a story for another time. Not my first doctor, but I did start becoming a regular with him.

5.Sylvester McCoy


This is a personal favorite, the first classic doctor I ever watched. He grows on you. His funny little idiosyncrasies. And he had some bad budget cuts. Daleks were able to go up stairs. Ace was one hell of a girl. Dynamite. I love Ace with a passion. She is one of my top favorite companions. I love all the relationships with the Brig and his facial expressions and his tenderness moments.

4. Peter Capaldi


I think he is going to be the best, he is redefining the doctor and giving the show gravitas again. He is giving it depth. He is a fanboy that is going to do things his way. A bit like Tom Baker yeah? Except maybe all work and a heart of a kid. After all, the doctor is afraid of the dark.

3. Jon Pertwee

Jon Pertwee, he made the doctor an action hero. Rather James Bondish, being sentenced to earth for a sentence, he worked for UNIT with the brig, a relationship which he kept as his time as the Doctor. Unfortunately after that Tom Baker broke it off with UNIT. The Doctor no longer has a paycheck and goodbye Bessie? And that outfit. And the facial expressions are priceless too.

2. Patrick Troughton


Actually had a male companion that was worth a darn. SUPERB facial expressions. Bowties, (even ahead of his time offering a jelly baby). Plays a recorder (equivalent to the fez). He was the original 11. A puppy dog. A child. Quite the opposite of 1, setting up just how much personality and everything can change for this character. Quite an enormous concept and ideal to fill and he did so beautifully.

1. Tom Baker

Well he is THE Doctor, now isn’t he? I don’t really need to explain that. After having dandy 3, he gave us a down to earth, not taking himself seriously child


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