Doctor Who Legacy’s Anniversary

Doctor Who has taken over almost every form of media. Just a year ago it was seriously lacking in one field though, video games, more accurately–apps.  If over the holidays your family argues to much, or becomes to much of a burden, there is always this lovely app to bury yourself into before you pick a fight with your parents, sister, or cousin… 

When I first joined Doctor Who Legacy, I was disappointed. I got the 11th Doctor and the 10th but found the game not really that challenging, it just lacked it felt like to me. Maybe I was not in the mood. In that time, this game has risen to the top.

There are game apps but all get boring really fast, believe me, I’ve tried most of the free ones.

So I deleted the app but decided a few months later to give it another go…..there was a new Doctor (Capaldi) and I had finished watching what I could of many Classic Who episodes. I had heard buzz about the game getting new characters in as well.

The game is challenging in many ways and I love nothing more than trying to unlock my favorite characters. I want 3 and 7 so bad it hurts.


I know that there are other Doctor Who video games not on the app but believe it or not people in the UK, those video games are not really offered here….I mean there are ways to get your hands on them, but they don’t sell them in normal venue options.

So thank you to Legacy Games for wasting my time (in the good way, the kind of way where I say ‘screw homework’ way)

I’m putting you off for awhile, I’ve hit what I feel must be my natural limit, I can’t seem to get past these few levels, which I won’t say which they are because it’s embarrassing as I am a TERRIBLE gamer, so it’s fairly amazing that I’ve played this game at all.

……..So I meant to post this yesterday but it ended up not saving right, so here we go now……..


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