1 and 12 make 13

Before season 8 started of Doctor Who reporters were already describing the twelfth doctor as a cantankerous, sassy moody 1.Do you think they are right? I wanted to think no. I don’t want another one, or three, or seven, or ten or even twelve. There can never be another doctor quite the same.

Capaldi seems to try to fight the image a little bit. He doesn’t want to be seen as the old man grandpa type that Hartnell was, even though they were both the same age when taking up the role of the now infamous time lord.

However Capaldi does like the idea of being the traditional, no frills time lord that the first doctor was at the time.

Whatever you think, Capaldi may have the sass of the first doctor, but he is FAR more active.

The role has changed, the doctor has changed, but he is still the rebel that stole a tardis to go on a great adventure.

See the similarities? Think he did that on purpose? Paying tribute? Or was it just being so pleased and accident?



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