Every Doctor Wants to be 9

Chris Eccleston got to play the role that all the doctors seem to want to have played. Why is that?

It’s mainly the leather jacket thing. Leather jackets are cool but many doctors were told that was out of the question 6,7, and 8. That wasn’t what they wanted to be…..but times were changing and that led to Doctor Who being canceled.

But the other doctors wanted the gravitas of the script that was given to them, 7 may have had the best/worst monster, it was so funny, it was a candy monster. Really? Not exactly dramatic gripping stuff, but McCoy did the best with what he was given and that’s why he remains one of my favorites.

Not only that but 9 got to flirt a little, he got to be an alien, but a bit interested.

He got to be the cool kid, he got to be rough and tough, not a cuddly little doctor. The doctor was just huggable and likable, he wasn’t exactly edgy. He was safe for all children. But that’s not what the show is going for now, it’s going for that twinge of scary that has you suspenseful. It wants fans of all ages. It wants the doctor to be a complex super hero, but still show that he has that tender side that comes out every once in awhile, that playfulness (Matt Smith and Tennant gave us all of that I think I can stand, I want a Doctor again that is mysterious, edgy, sometimes dislikable, but a quirky lovable fool sometimes that shows he really hasn’t changed THAT much)


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