Super Cute Geek Chic Skirts! 

At Ashley Mertz esty store entitled, Go Follow Rabbits, its a dream come true for any geeky fashionistas like you and me. If you’re anything like me, sometimes t-shirts aren’t what we are in the mood for to show off our favorite game/tv series/movie/comic book/etc. But a skirt, oh yes please! Especially with these high-waist skirts brought to us by Ashley Mertz. 

Her skirts range from anywhere between 24.00-60.00 dollars. But if you really want a special one then you can reserve a spot for a custom one for 90.00 dollars.

She asks that you give her 2-3 weeks to make your skirt since the fabric is custom order and the time to sew the skirt together. Also the Skirts are 100% Cotton and 20” L from top of waistband to hem. Due to printing process, she asks that you please hand wash cold to avoid fading over time. 

So why not go take a look. She has a lot more then these ——> Go Follow Rabbits

second set of skirts


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