A Doctor that Finally Speaks to Me

This is it! Christmas! What awaits this Christmas?!?! CAPALDI of course!!  And a man actually named NICK FROST playing Santa Clause, Hallmark couldn’t have planned it better.

I watched 9 first, didn’t really start watching the show until 10, tuned 11 out because I was so sad 10 left, then when Capaldi came on, I made up my mind, this was MY Doctor, through the thick of it, I wanted to be in the loop. As tight as the three musketeers. I hope you caught all those jokes.

Friend of Craig Ferguson, in an awesome band, in some fun production, goodness remember him in Vicar of Dibley?

I don’t know what to tell you because this Doctor really does speak to me. He is taking the show to where it needs to go, even if you are not satisfied with the show at the moment, not many, if any are blaming Capaldi for this.

People were worried about if they were going to like an older doctor, but a true fan of the doctor looks past and sees the real “man” inside.If you are a true fan, you try to like every version. Which is why it’s so hard to choose a favorite. I like pretty much every version of the Doctor.

I hope you got lots of Doctor Who stuff for your birthday! Especially if you are bothering to read this blog.


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