Last Christmas Review

It was good except for ONE GLARING FLAW and that flaw….

So the speculations that Clara would die in the Christmas special were false. There were some fans that were disappointed that Clara had lived. Some wanted her reign to be over. Season 9 will make it Jenna Coleman the longest companion in the new season, having more episodes after season 9, (providing she stays through all of 9), than Amy Pond. Clara Oswald, has finally become more than a literary convenience that she was in season 7, and has an actual story, back story, and hopefully a future with the Doctor. Although the Doctor seems to be open to having more companions, which may cause some kind of skirmish. But if Danny Pink was not the reason Clara would leave the TARDIS, it’s likely that nothing except her demise will keep her from traveling with the Doctor, can you blame her?

It is easy to see why some people want Clara out of the TARDIS, some people don’t like her arrogance and control freak nature. Some people just want a change. I have to agree that although I love Clara, she isn’t exactly the kind of relationship of a companion I want to see with 12. I want to see something more along the lines of Ace, where the Doctor is conniving, but Ace has a taste for creating havoc/ -you know, throwing explosives, and even though the Doctor likes to have superiority, it’s almost like he suddenly purrs or shows he cares with just a look, that although it is written to the show right now, two control freaks giving each other meaningful looks, is just not attractive.  I love Whouffaldi shippers though. It would break their hearts, but then again, that’s what Doctor Who is, love and heartache.

As for Nick Frost as Santa Clause, born to play the role with a name like that. He was great. Did he exists or not? Doesn’t matter. I’m OK with that kind of wonder left. It leaves the good kind of imagination to the viewer and peace for kids that the beloved Saint Nick still exists.

The big disaster of the show was this…..

The whole monster was stolen. Not only that, Moffat ANNOUNCED where the idea came from, the movie Alien.  That’s quite annoying because the alien looks like the various stages the Alien, alien looked like in the movie. The whole thing had an Inception type feel to it as well.

But it doesn’t stop there

    Not only is the concept stolen, but it doesn’t even make sense. Random alien creatures randomly popped up in just random houses with nothing in common? And if it comes on top of you if you think of it, could it have somehow been summoned? Was there an alien invasion of them? If there was, there would have been so many other people connected in their dreams. So it seems like an isolated incidences. So why in the world are there only like 5 of them? And why was it inferred that there was an invasion of them? I guess this is why I prefer many Classic Who episodes, although the costumes and everything is horrid compared to today, the Doctor had to DEDUCE what was happening and came to more conclusions that led him to places. I started watching the 2005 version first, and in between Doctor Who seasons started watching Classic Who.

All in all, it was a good episode, the monsters being scary, yet making no sense at all.

Scare factor— It did make me worry about my sister and before I went to bed, I did feel like it might somehow effect my sleep although I didn’t feel scared.

Writing- 7=would have been 9 if it weren’t for the monsters making no sense how they got there.

Acting=8, some of the crew weren’t really believable at times. Some lines just seemed too staged, or lines too phony.

Overall=8, better than most Christmas episodes.


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