Arguments Grieve Doctor Who Fans

Chances are if you follow Doctor Who fans on Twitter, if you have a Doctor Who blog, or maybe just talking with your friends that are into Doctor Who, people are getting aggravated.

There is a kind of trouble with having such a long running show, especially one that has had about a 10 year “hiatus”. ¬†Classic Who fans were initially very happy to have a reboot. However, as time went on as more became available, as writers and actors claim to love the classic series, as many allusions are to it, it isn’t enough. Classic fans feel excluded. Many classic villains are still not brought to light, such as the Rani, and even the Valeyard even discussed a return about right now (between last years of his life, even mentioning 12).

The reboot has even allowed new fans to find classic who entries, and they are starting to notice huge discrepancies and wish for more of their “new favorites”

Many people wish any ill-sayers and people discussing things, to just go away if they don’t enjoy the show. However with a show that has become a way of life to many people, one they could have stuck with up to 50 years, it’s hard to quit. It’s like a marriage, there is loyalty there, and you just want to ride it out. Doctor Who always changes.

Many fans just don’t like the direction Doctor Who is heading. It kind of started with Matt Smith. Although Matt Smith brought the Doctor to it’s popularity to a new time height all around the world, many fans started to dislike the writing, and not just because people were dying. But because it simply didn’t make sense. Many things just seemed like a cop out.

Some people never want to watch while Moffat is in charge, some are so hostile that they blame Moffat for everything, despite whether he wrote the episode or not.

Some people showed concern about Peter Capaldi taking over, but that is to be expected. In fact, I dropped watching Doctor Who when Matt took the role, because I was still grieving over the loss of Tennant.

Some wish that more characters, even from the reboot, would start making more comeback appearances.

I have seen Doctor Who fans attacking other fans.

I have seen myself get into a discussion that someone took the wrong way.

I have seen fans seemingly purposely cause arguments.

I have seen people drop the show, or get less involved not because they grew out of the show, but because the Doctor Who fandom has become a bully, to its own fans.

Moffat doesn’t help either. We know how much he loves the series, and he has started to mend some fences, but in many areas, he has the right idea. You can’t have good without the bad. We love to feel pain. We like to be scared.

I’m not a Moffat lover or hater, I just wish that once in awhile he would stop trying to play tricks, to experiment so much, and make someone think too hard about timey wimey problems. I wish that he would not write just to “write a series he would like to watch” as he once said, but to write an episode that actually pleases fans. No, you’re not going to please all fans, and you can please yourself and fans. Moffat knows he isn’t going to please everyone, but it’s almost like at times he takes this on to purposely try to not please anyone or to just stir controversy.

Controversy for such a long lasting fandom, is not really what the fandom needs, they like to be united. No, you’re going to upset SOMEONE by saying anything on television. Controversy will come. But having controversy all the time is only aggravating making many people drop. People need time to recover. A period of “safe” makes an even bigger impact when the show suddenly takes a turn.


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