Doctor Who in Danger

Doctor Who is a worldwide phenomenon. It is not surprise that Americans are starting their intense love of the series as well, what is surprising is the BBC, is seemingly going to do a dangerous move.

In the United States many of the people who love Doctor Who are high school and college students. Iplayer is not an option as it is blocked in America. Many teenagers wait for the affordable option, of seeing it on Netflix. Many contacts I have made through the Doctor Who fandom have said they do not watch Doctor Who each week, but rather instead wait for the series to appear on Netflix.

      However, currently on Netflix, it has a warning near the Doctor Who when viewers go to their list, that Doctor Who, will stop being available at the start of February. 

There is illegally streaming it option, but that causes many bugs in the computer. There is the option to see it on PBS, but they are really behind schedule. Making Netflix the only option for most households. Cable/Satellite is popular, but many people don’t receive BBC America still, making Netflix the only option in many areas.

Not only that but one of the reasons Doctor Who has been so popular in America is that having it available on Netflix.

So far, if BBC has made a statement about this, it seemingly exists nowhere. Has BBC approved the licensing or not? 

When F*R*I*E*N*D*S was put on Netflix, the series had a huge surge in interest. “Chandler Bing” was one of the top searched things on Tumblr along with others as more people realized that the series was there.  Not only that but, the series received a lot of free publicity by many people who like to make gifs.

Doctor Who is the leader of letting their fans get creative, they seem to support it. Their tumblr is filled with fan art, videos, and many other forms of art. Having Netflix available for American viewers is beneficial.


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