Russell T. Davies Refuses

Former writer, and showrunner of Doctor Who, Russell T. Davies recently made an alarming statement.

Many fans have said they miss Russell T. Davies’ writing. The former showrunner who handed the reigns over to Steven Moffat made it clear recently that Moffat invites him back every year to write for Doctor Who.

However,a large amount of fans may be sad to hear,  Davies has turned him every time.

Although Doctor Who is 50 years old, the restart of the show will be 10 years this year. Since Davies started the restart, he was asked back. It seems unlikely that he will be writing an “anniversary” episode anytime soon though.

It remains to be seen, whether or not the BBC will ask for a 10th anniversary episode.

He says that he has moved on with his life, despite being a fan, he finds his own “stuff” more important.

Since this is my blog, I will put my two scents in, and say I would like to see a 10th anniversary episode. The Three Doctors, is one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes, it was in the classic series as their 10th anniversary episode. It would be great if we could see something like that again.


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