Travis’ Thoughts on Capaldi

YouTube User “What Travis Says” has something to say about Capaldi, he didn’t post anything right after the announcement of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, but he has a lot to say about the time lord, and it’s generally, what fans have been saying.

1. Peter Capaldi is not a teenage heart throb. 

No he isn’t as attractive as Matt Smith…..(I would say that is actually arguable, I like older men more than well…Matt’s age) But if you don’t like that, get outta here. The Doctor has always changed ages, changed from attractive to not so much, from nice, to not so nice, from civil to un-civil like quirkiness. If you don’t like that he changes, then you don’t really like the show. Because part of the fun is that he changes. And in the end, if you look at them all, they are all pretty amazing fellows, once you get into it, it’s hard to really rank them.

2. It is Always Sad when a Time Lord Incarnation Leaves

Some people love love love Matt Smith, like presidents or prime ministers, you have to accept that even if you impeach them or they go away, they were part of this amazing saga in history. Matt Smith was loved as the Doctor, but even starting out, there were concerns about him being to young to play the part of the Doctor since he was the youngest Doctor to date. People were sad to see Tennant go, I myself did not watch most of Matt’s period because I just couldn’t get over Tennant leaving. I urge fans not to do that for Capaldi, Matt was good, and Capaldi’s experience as an actor has led him to this very spot where he is the Doctor. He IS the Doctor.

3. Doctors Need to have Drastic Shifts

David Tennant and Matt Smith were very much alike. Both young. Kind of eccentric. Both very attractive. Even Chris Eccleston kind of fit into that young, attractive thing. One noticeable thing about New Who, is the Doctors all have better fashion sense than classic who. Even with a bow tie and fez, can’t really beat Tom Baker in his super long scarf, or coming out dressed as a viking, three’s fanciful get-up, six’s coat, the question mark jumper, and if you really want to be technical…..Matt Smith dresses ALOT like two, because he based his Doctor on two, which is why the show thrives on being totally different. Matt was great, but he should have pointed out that we needed to look at classic who, because we get wonderful things like the second doctor that helped Matt determine his doctor. But the show gets stale, like any show gets stale with certain elements, then you switch out the main man, boom different, it’s always changing, and if you have one doctor that is super likable, maybe you need to add some mystery back in there so that you aren’t quite sure about how much you like this doctor, but you kinda love him because you see that there is good underneath.

Anyhow…..that’s me rambling, Travis says it much more concisely.


3 thoughts on “Travis’ Thoughts on Capaldi

  1. I completley agree with you about the attractiveness of Capaldi! I lusted after Matt Smith, but I do also find Capaldi handsome and certainly don’t mind the eye candy when he’s on. And my soulmate is Anthony Ainley so I think we both have excellent taste in preferring older men! I loved this article. You have a brilliant way of writing! Now tell me you write fanfic?


    • Thank you very much on complimenting my way of writing, I needed that. (Memories of a bad teacher) I have started to dabble into fanfic a bit, but more like I like making scripts and my original work. I have a writing blog where I am slowly typing a story I have already written. That website is .


      • I will definitely check out your writing! I have just started writing dr who fanfic on Livejournal. Don’t listen to that teacher you’ve a very enaging way of writing that draws people in from what I can see!

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