Tennant Win Not Enough

David Tennant may have won the People’s Choice Award, but it doesn’t mean
the series was good enough to continue.
GracePoint is basically word for word Broadchurch, so British television fanatics who were interested, kind of already knew the plot. This leaves all the mystery out of things.
As much as I love David, an American version of Broadchurch was a stupid idea. The Office may have worked over here but I actually did extensive reading on that, and they worked hard to change it and find a way to customize it for Americans BECAUSE most crossovers DO NOT WORK.
David himself has said a remake of Broadchurch is bad. So why did he agree to an American version of it?
Not to say that I didn’t love seeing him in American talk shows, but the hosts never knew who he was (except Craig Ferguson who was the only person to talk to him like he was a human with opinions) . All the other hosts were so reading off an info card, yes he is Scottish, so let’s talk about accents and haggis, I’m looking at you Letterman. also briefly mention Doctor Who and totally insult the whole fan base watching the show that is likely only watching the show because he was on the show.
The ratings sucked and the show was just another mystery series. There are tons of those on right now. Broadchurch=good, so why not just air that? The show will have no season 2, award winner or not…
Now what sucks is Karen Gillan’s Selfie was cancelled, because I had a lot of people telling me their friends watched it. It had potential, it was daring, different, and actually VERY diverse in casting. But what can I say? ABC doesn’t know comedy, Modern Family is about the only true success they’ve had in a while. NBC makes good comedy and money because it takes risks. CBS makes money and good comedy by giving the people what they want: ABC gets too caught up in the corporate butt. After all, it’s owned by Disney and the quality of Disney Channel only goes down. This may be a Doctor Who blog, but I have been longing to voice that for quite some time now.



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