Capaldi in Maleficent

Nick Frost may not have had too much time in the makeup chair to become Santa, but Capaldi was in the chair for about 6 hours a day while shooting for Disney’s Maleficent. If you don’t remember Capaldi being in the movie, you are not losing your mind, he was not in the movie. Disney decided to give Maleficent a very different back story. No longer was Capaldi the king of the faeries.

Quite a blow to be cut from such a wonderful movie as well as being cut after having to endure that amount of makeup, here is what Capaldi had to say…

“Well, it’s quite weird. You get picked up at half past three in the morning. And you sit in front of the mirror and they start the stuff. And if you have a little itch in your scalp, you know that you’re not going to be able to scratch that itch for another 20 hours.

I was in make-up for six hours every day to get these large pointed ears and a pointed nose. Once they’re done, you look in the mirror and wonder ‘Who is this old guy? He looks sort of like Peter Capaldi except for the pointed ears.

‘Then you walk on set and everyone looks at you and says that they think you look great. But you haven’t done anything. You’re just wearing all this work that everybody else did.”




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