On this day in 1973….

The Doctor confronted one of his, in my opinion, best enemies. A legendary time lord that is NOT the Master, nor is it the Rani….who is it? Well it was…


This video is a trailer for this classic who anniversary episode, it was it’s 10th anniversary at the time (new who 10th anniversary coming up, although they say there is going to be no special, sad considering the 10th anniversary of classic who was my favorite)

Omega was a legendary time lord, but the Doctor had to destroy him because years alone in his own universe, had made him bitter toward all time lords. He wanted to keep the Doctor imprisoned in his world, and he very well could too.

You’ll have to watch the episode to find out what happens. But Omega has to be my favorite villain because you kind of feel sorry for the guy, he is according to the Doctor, a time lord legend, like a super hero, yet he has been stuck in a world of his creation for all eternity. He is evil, but you kind of see, he just wants freedom, a freedom the Doctor has……


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