Capaldi and Coleman-cutest non couple

Ok, so their on screen chemistry is beautiful and I do not care if you ship them or not, it’s plain to see they are adorable together. However, remember, Capaldi is adorably married, adorably in the sense that is adorable how much he loves her. Yet, this video is amazing showing their world tour. What an amazing experience for Coleman, not many companions have got to travel abroad for the shooting, and around the whole entire world to say the least. An amazing opportunity for Capaldi as well, I guess I find it amazing because companions are not the “star” (although arguably they are), and Capaldi is super amazing¬† +deserves a world tour.

I know that Capaldi wanted to be a rock star when he was a kid, my question is….

Do you feel like one now? Traveling the whole world, showing off your stuff, screaming fans, or listening to you in interviews. Do you feel like a rock star because you so are!

The video says he went around the world in 12 days. Sounds like even bigger than a rock star! (plus very cleverly, he is the 12th doctor so it is fitting)


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