Season 9- Spoilers caught

If you don’t like spoilers, I suggest you turn back now. Except, I think we all love a bit of behind the scenes of the always secretive Moffat style of Doctor Who. PLUS, who can resist when maybe more than one character is coming back?

It’s no surprise that Missy is coming back. Moffat said he would like to bring her back, she said she wanted to come back. Also, there was a video of her that iPlayer put out of her in full set makeup eating an apple. She’s back, but…..


Clara Oswald, spotted, wearing a jacket that Captain Jack Harkness had sported in Doctor Who. There are always Torchwood rumors flying around, but they seemed to have gained some more traction as if by some magnetic force whisper.

John Barrowman has said he would all be too happy to return for the fans.

But do you want some proof of these claims I’m making? Check out these pictures!

10481948_934920386541592_4495111964500423855_n 11037639_934920333208264_4978163282445337884_n 11043257_934920263208271_4448332375394399530_n


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